Why Students Get Varying Advice for Their Resume

So you’re out there seeking advice for your job search. You’re doing the right thing, you’re working hard to get ahead, or event just to get a stab at a job. So you’re off to the career centre to ask for resume advice, you’ve asked your recruiter cousin, the guest speaker at a job search networking event… and you’re not getting the same answers for your questions. What’s up with that?

Well, this is because when it comes to resumes everyone has their own personal preferences on how they want to see resumes built. This usually depends on the type of roles they hire for and what information is most important to them.

For some roles the most important info is going to be what you studied in school, for others the most important criteria may be that you live in a city close to where the opportunity is, others may be more focused on finding out if you have the right mix of previous work experience. Sometimes a recruiter may be looking to staff a high number of positions while others need a highly specialized individual and so need to spend more time combing resumes to find that one special person for the role they need to fill.

So why does this change how they want to see your resume laid out? Well, for example, if the employer doesn’t really care where you reside, they may hope that you don’t waste valuable space at the top of your resume to provide your address. However, if the recruiter is looking to fill a position where it’s important that you live in a particular geographical area, this may be the first thing they’re screening for and they’ll want to see right at the top of your page where you’re located.

So how are you going to perfect your resume if everyone has a different point of view about what they’re looking for? Well, stick to ensuring that the basics are always covered and that you take care of what’s most important. The resume should be clear, and have consistent formatting. Make sure that the most important info is displayed first and that spelling and grammar are perfect. These are things that everyone agrees on.

When it comes to other details try to picture yourself in the recruiters role. If they are generally only going to take 20 seconds to initially scan your resume against the job description what are they looking for and what is going to be the most important information for the role you’re applying for? You’re best bet really is to make sure your resume follows the same layout and format that is typical for your industry, and if all else is flawless you should be good to go!

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