Students are Hired for their Attitude

Many students worry about not having enough experience to land a job once they graduate. But rest assured, as a recent grad employers are not expecting your to have 3-5 years full-time experience under your belt. What your potential employer is looking for is someone who has a great attitude and who is trainable. And someone who has hopefully had some part-time or summer work experience to demonstrate they know the basics of what holding down a job entails.

So fret not! Employers are looking for someone who has the basics of being a great employee. Someone who can show up for work on-time. Someone who has proven in the past that they can keep commitments. Someone who is trainable and who has an eagerness to learn on the job. From there your new employer will teach you what you need to know for your new role. So really much of why you’re selected for your first career job is going to be based on your willingness to dive into a role, and learn as you go!  This is a key element not to forget to portray in your interview. The right attitude is key. If you have some complimentary work experience to go with it… you’re rockin’.

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