Students and Recent Grads in High Demand

High calibre professionals are always in demand in the energy industry. Recent research published by the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada highlights that labour shortages will increasingly become a challenge in the future because of shifting demographics. Many employees from the Baby Boom generation are preparing to retire leaving vacancies for the generations following them.

Campus recruitment is part a proactive approach that anticipates ongoing workforce needs and ensures that we will have the right people with the right skills to fill jobs well into the future. In Campus Recruitment, we understand that we need to hire and retain the top performers. We work hard to find the ‘best-of-the-best’ on campus before they graduate and enter the workforce full-time.

Investing in the Future
People are our greatest resource and investing in attracting and developing a strong and capable workforce is an essential and strategic component to our success. All through the energy industry large and small companies spend millions of dollars annually to attract top talent by hosting information sessions, attending career fairs, sponsoring events, offering scholarships and developing training programs.

As well, once a student is hired employers invest significant effort to train and develop their careers.

Millennials have a great opportunity to benefit from these investment efforts. Career advancement opportunities are plentiful, compensation is high, and career growth accelerated for those who are committed to excelling.

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