Show off Your Best Asset

Most students and recent grads have not had the chance to buildup significant professional work experience. Most of their professional knowledge is coming from what they studied in college or university. For this reason, if you’re a student it’s always best to include your education at the very top of your resume, not hidden at the bottom under your working for Mom & Dad Inc. babysitting your little brother.

This is especially important if the job you’re applying for is looking for someone with a specific type of education! If you’ve got it, flaunt it, rock it, show it off! Don’t hide it modestly under a small heading or on the second page of your resume where it could be missed.

When recruiters require people with a specific type of educational background, that’s the first thing they’re screening your resume for, and if they can’t find it, your application may find itself at the end of the list for consideration or disqualified all together.

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