Personal Branding Basics for Students & Grads

The other week I had the chance to do a talk on personal branding at BCIT for their HR student association. When speaking to students about starting to build their brand, my advice is to just get started!  When it comes to building your online presence while you’re still a student, a great first step is starting to build your network and your presence on social media on outlets like LinkedIn.

When joining these social and professional networking tools start off by completing your profile and uploading your resume with a picture appropriate for job search. Also, I’d recommend securing your personal url. Once you have provided a base of information regarding your education, past experience, community involvement and interests, it’s time to start building your network. Much like other networks on LinkedIn you can start to connect with your fellow students, instructors, and professionals that you meet at networking events etc. Another great way to start building a professional network is by joining and participating in LinkedIn groups that discuss and share info on areas you’re interested in.

Once you’ve started connecting with previous colleagues, managers, profs, and fellow students you can start to reach out to them to provide a recommendation for you. This is a great step that will help you gain credibility for yourself and help create a good impression when others look at your profile as a potential employee or network connection.

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