Employers in Oil and Gas, Energy, Petroleum, Engineering

3MV Energy Corp.
Abenteuer Resources Corp.
Adira Energy Ltd.
Advantage Oil and Gas Ltd.
Africa Hydrocarbons Inc.
Africa Oil Corp.
Alberta Oilsands Inc.
Alston Energy Inc.
Americas Petrogas Inc.
Anatolia Energy Corp.
Anderson Energy Ltd.
Angle Energy Inc.
Anglo Canadian Oil Corp.
Anterra Energy Inc.
Antrim Energy Inc.
APIC Petroleum Corporation
ARC Resources Ltd.
ARC Resources Ltd.
Arcan Resources Ltd.
Arctic Hunter Energy Inc.
Argosy Energy Inc.
Aroway Energy Inc.
ArPetrol Ltd.
Arsenal Energy Inc.
Arsenal Energy Inc.
Artek Exploration Ltd.
Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.
Atikwa Resources Inc.
Aurora Oil & Gas Limited
Avatar Energy Ltd.
AvenEx Energy Corp.
Azabache Energy Inc.
Bankers Petroleum Ltd.
Bayshore Petroleum Corp.
Baytex Energy Corp.
Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
Bengal Energy Ltd.
Big Sky Petroleum Corporation
Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
Blackbird Energy Inc.
Blackdog Resources Ltd.
Blackhawk Resource Corp.
BlackPearl Resources Inc.
Blacksteel Energy Inc.
BNK Petroleum Inc.
BNP Resources Inc.
Bonavista Energy Corporation
Bonterra Energy Corp.
Border Petroleum Corp.
Bowood Energy Inc.
Brookwater Ventures Inc.
Brownstone Energy Inc.
BRS Resources Ltd.
Bucking Horse Energy Inc.
C&C Energia Ltd.
Calvalley Petroleum Inc.
Canacol Energy Ltd.
Canadian Energy Exploration Inc.
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd.
Candax Energy Inc.
Carmen Energy Inc.
Caspian Energy Inc.
Caza Oil & Gas Inc.
CBM Asia Development Corp.
Celtic Exploration Ltd.
Cenovus Energy
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Century Energy Ltd.
Cequence Energy Ltd.
CGX Energy Inc.
Charger Energy Corp.
Chinook Energy Inc.
Chinook Energy Inc.
Coastal Energy Company
Columbis Energy Limited
Compton Petroleum Corporation
Condor Petroleum Inc.
Connacher Oil and Gas Ltd.
Conoco Phillips
Crescent Point Energy Corp.
Crew Energy Inc.
Crocotta Energy Inc.
Crown Point Ventures Ltd.
Cub Energy Inc.
Cumberland Oil & Gas Ltd.
CYGAM Energy Inc.
DeeThree Exploration Ltd.
Dejour Energy Inc.
Dejour Energy Inc.
Delphi Energy Corp.
Derek Oil & Gas Corporation
Desmarais Energy Corp.
Detector Exploration Ltd.
Diaz Resources Ltd.
Donnybrook Energy Inc.
Donnycreek Energy Inc.
Doxa Energy Ltd.
DualEx Energy International Inc.
Dundee Energy Limited
Eagle Energy Trust
Eaglewood Energy Inc.
East West Petroleum Corp.
Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd.
Edge Resources Inc.
Elkwater Resources Ltd.
Emerald Bay Energy Inc.
Emperor Minerals Ltd.
Energulf Resources Inc.
Enerplus Corporation
Enerplus Corporation
Enhanced Oil Resources Inc.
Enterprise Energy Resources Ltd.
Epsilon Energy Ltd.
Equal Energy Ltd.
Equal Energy Ltd.
Exall Energy Corp.
Exall Energy Corporation
Exile Resources Inc.
Fairborne Energy Ltd.
Fairwest Energy Corp.
Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.
Firebird Capital Partners Inc.
Forent Energy Ltd.
Freehold Royalties Ltd.
Gale Force Petroleum Inc.
Galileo Petroleum Ltd.
Gallic Energy Ltd.
Georox Resources Inc.
Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
Great Pacific International Inc.
Greenfields Petroleum Corporation
Groundstar Resources Ltd.
Guardian Exploration Inc.
Guardian Exploration Inc.
Guide Exploration Ltd.
Hallmark Tubulars Ltd.
Hawk Exploration Ltd.
Hemisphere Energy Corp.
Heritage Oil Corporation
Hermes Financial Inc.
Hillcrest Resources Ltd.
Horn Petroleum Corporation
HRT Paticipaoes em Petroleo S.A.
Huntington Exploration Inc.
Husky Energy
Hyperion Exploration Corp.
Imperial Oil
Insignia Energy Ltd.
International Frontier Resources Corporation
Invicta Energy Corp.
Iona Energy Inc.
IROC Energy Services
Ironhorse Oil & Gas Inc.
Ithaca Energy Ltd.
Ivanhoe Energy Inc.
Ivanhoe Energy Inc.
Jadela Oil Corp.
Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd.
Kallisto Energy Corp.
KFG Resources Ltd.
Lariat Energy Ltd.
Legacy Oil + Gas Ltd.
LGX Oil + Gas Ltd.
LNG Energy Ltd.
Lone Pine Resources Inc.
Longreach Oil and Gas Limited
Longview Oil Corp.
Loon Energy Corporation
Lundin Petroleum AB
Lynden Energy Corp.
Madalena Ventures Inc.
Magnum Energy Inc.
Manas Petroleum Corporation
Manitok Energy Inc.
Marquee Energy Ltd.
Mart Resources Inc.
Maxim Resources Inc.
MEG Energy Corp.
Mena Hydrocarbons Inc.
MMR Canada Ltd.
Montana Exploration Corp.
Morumbi Resources Inc.
Morumbi Resources Inc.
Mount Dakota Energy Corp.
Mountainview Energy Ltd.
National Oilwell Varco
New Zealand Energy Corp.
Nexen Inc.
Nextraction Energy Corp.
Niko Resources Ltd.
NiMin Energy Corp.
Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd.
North Sea Energy Inc.
Northern Spirit Resources Inc.
Novus Energy Inc.
NuVista Energy Ltd.
Online Energy Inc.
Orca Exploration Group Inc.
Pace Oil and Gas Ltd.
Pacific Paradym Energy Inc.
Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd.
Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation
Pan Orient Energy Corp.
PanTerra Resource Corp.
Parallel Energy Trust
Paramax Resources Ltd.
Paramount Resources Ltd.
Paramount Resources Ltd.
Parex Resources Inc.
Paris Energy Inc.
Passport Energy Ltd.
Patterson-UTI Drilling Canada Limited
Pengrowth Energy Corporation
Pengrowth Energy Corporation
Pennant Energy Inc.
Pennine Petroleum Corporation
Perpetual Energy Inc.
Petra Petroleum Inc.
Petro One Energy Corp.
Petro Viking Energy Inc.
Petro Vista Energy Corp.
Petroamerica Oil Corp.
PetroBakken Energy Ltd.
Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd.
Petrodorado Energy Ltd.
Petroforte International Ltd.
PetroFrontier Corp.
PetroKamchatka Plc.
PetroMagdalena Energy Corp.
Petromanas Energy Inc.
Petrominerales Ltd.
PetroNova Inc.
Petro-Reef Resources Ltd.
Peyto Exploratino & Development Corp.
Pine Cliff Energy Ltd.
Pinecrest Energy Inc.
Pixar Petroleum (Paramount Resources Inc.)
Poplar Creek Resources Inc.
Poplar Creek Resources Inc.
Porto Energy Corp.
Primary Petroleum Corporation
Primary Petroleum Corporation
Primeline Energy Holdings Inc.
Primera Energy Resources Ltd.
Progress Energy Resources Corp.
Questfire Energy Corp.
Raging River Exploration Inc.
RedWater Energy Corp.
Relentless Resources Ltd.
Renegade Petroleum Ltd.
Renegade Petroleum Ltd.
Ria Resources Corp.
RMP Energy Inc.
Rock Energy Inc.
RockBridge Resources Inc.
Rodinia Oil Corp.
Rooster Energy Ltd.
Saccharum Energy Corp.
Sagres Energy Inc.
Sahara Energy Ltd.
Samoth Oilfield Inc.
Santa Maria Petroleum Inc.
Saxon Oil Company Ltd.
Sea Dragon Energy Inc.
Second Wave Petroleum Ltd.
Serica Energy PLC
ShaMaran Petroleum Corp.
Shell Albian Sands
Shell Canada
Shona Energy Company Inc.
Shoreline Energy Corp.
SilverWillow Energy Corporation
Simba Energy Inc.
Sintana Energy Inc.
Skope Energy Inc.
Solara Exploration Ltd.
Solimar Energy Limited
Sonde Resources Corp.
Sonde Resources Corp.
Sonoro Energy Ltd.
Southern Pacific Resource Corp.
Spartan Exploration Ltd.
Standard Exploration Ltd.
Sterling Resources Ltd.
Storm Resources Ltd.
Strata-X Ltd.
Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd.
Stream Oil & Gas Ltd.
Summit Liability Solutions Inc.
Suncor Energy
Suncor Energy Inc.
Sunridge Energy Corp.
Sure Energy Inc.
Surge Energy Inc.
Suroco Energy Inc.
Syncrude Canada
Syncrude Canada Ltd.
TAG Oil Ltd.
Talisman Energy
Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.
Terra Energy Corp
Terrace Energy Corp.
Terrex Energy Inc.
Tervita Corporation
Tethys Petroleum Ltd.
Thunderbird Enery Corporation
Torquay Oil Corp.
Touchstone Exploration Inc.
Tourmaline Oil Corp.
TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.
Transeuro Energy Corp.
TransGlobe Energy Corp.
Traverse Energy Ltd.
Trilogy Energy Corp.
TrinCan Capital Corp.
TriOil Resources Ltd.
Tuscany Energy Ltd.
TwinButte Energy Ltd.
Twoco Petroleums Ltd.
Underground Energy Corporation
United Hunter Oil & Gas Corp.
Vanoil Energy Ltd.
Vast Exploration Inc.
Vecta Energy Corporation
Veraz Petroleum Ltd.
Vermilion Energy Inc.
Vero Energy Inc.
Waldron Energy Corporation
Westbridge Energy Corporation
Western Plains Petroleum Ltd.
WesternZagros Resources Ltd.
Whitecap Resources Inc.
Wind River Energy Corp.
Winstar Resources Ltd.
Wrangler West Energy Corp.
Xcite Energy Limited
Yangarra Resources Ltd.
Yoho Resources Inc.
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.
Zodiac Exploration Inc.

Engineering Employers (Not Energy Specific)
Government of Canada
SNC Lavalin
Hydro Quebec
Research In Motion (RIM) / Blackberry
Suncor Energy Inc.
Provincial Government
Pratt & Whitney
Exxon Mobil
Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
Imperial Oil
Air Canada
BC Hydro
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

INformation Technology
Electronic Arts
Government of Canada
Research In Motion (RIM) / Blackberry
Cisco Systems
Provincial Government
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
Air Canada
Canadian Forces
Canada Revenue Agency
Bell Canada
Hydro Quebec
Bank of Canada
TD Bank Financial Group / TD Canada Trust

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