Following up on an Interview

Recently on campus I got a few questions about when and if you should follow-up on an interview. Of course, why not. But keep a few things in-mind.

It definitely never hurt anyone to send a thank-you for an interview whether as an email or through snail mail. However, if you’re looking to follow-up regarding whether or not a hiring decision has been made, keep in-mind the recruitment timeline that was given to you in the interview process. If the recruiter said that they won’t know their decision for another week, then give them at least a week before following up with a call or email to see if you made it. Also, when interviewing it’s a good idea as well to find out if they’ll be letting rejected candidates know that they have not been selected. This will help you appropriately time your call.

It’s definitely fair to want to know where you stand. So don’t hesitate to make the call. However many company’s a recruiters will have a processes and timeline they follow, be sure to respect those timelines. And follow-up once, not all day, everyday until they’ve filled the position. And be ready to respond with tact if the response is not what you’re hoping for. You never want to burn bridges, as next week they may have the perfect spot for you if not now.



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